…Não apenas lugares de felicidade

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  • 1 October, 2016

…não apenas lugares de felicidade
Lisbon, 30th September, 2016.

…não apenas lugares de felicidade is the title of the IX edition of the project Remade in Portugal.
The project, coordinated by the Portuguese Environment Agency and the organization Remade in Portugal, has the EDP Foundation as a partner and host from the second edition in 2008.
Together with EDP Foundation, the Remade found a deeper look, where environmental issues have become a pretext to ponder the human condition in the contemporary context, giving rise to a broad debate associating design and the visual arts to the arts visual, music, literature, communication design, fashion, film and architecture.
Designed in principle as a challenge to ecological design and the visual arts to reflect on the environment the Remade project and the EDP Foundation are a contact point in the dialogue between design and art, through parts of the Art Collection EDP Foundation and its artists .
… não apenas lugares de felicidade joins in this issue four curators in four episodes, mixing and building a story that does not want to give answers but raise the necessary questions that allow perceive whether there is or not a connection between the objects and spaces that they occupy, and if the spaces are or not, origin of happiness.

Enquanto existir o mundo
Curatorship by José Bártolo

Enquanto a terra durar, as sementeiras e as ceifas, o frio e o calor, o verão e o inverno, o dia e a noite não deixarão de se seguir.
Henri Troyat, Enquanto existir o mundo

Enquanto existir o mundo is an exhibition module consists of contemporary Portuguese design pieces that are shared between range of affinities, concept and procedural exploitation. It presents artist or limited series resulting from experimentation and contemporary reinterpretation of traditional processes which questions the limits of authorship and industrial production. The focus is the “hand scale” (small objects, manageable) objects shaped by materials exploration: glass, ceramics, metal: air and fire always present.
The border between product design and contemporary art is transgressed by these suggestive objects, narrative, which assume use of functions in the same way that enunciate semantic values.

invited designers
Atelier do Corvo, Paulo Sellmayer, Jorge Carreira, Vítor Reis, Eneida Tavares, Toni Grilo, Martinho Pita, Margarida Pereira, Luís Nascimento, Susana Soares, Vítor Agostinho, Samuel Reis e Vhils.