TASCO – tableware collection

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  • 28 September, 2019

28th September
Museu de Olaria – Barcelos

TASCO is a privileged place, because it evokes the memory of people, a collective feeling, a homesick Portugal that we would not like to see missing. Made, as we might say, of other comforting times and moments, of an identity that sets us apart, wrapped in greater certainty, and less challenge. And on the other hand, from a story that, as Couturier would tell us, always seems to be fashionable, always seems attractive. Old styles have the advantage of maintaining their extraordinary permanence. And the contours of the past and the present seem to have faded today.

The TASCO exhibition reveals an opportunity to evoke this past, this national identity. Paulo Sellmayer, editor of the VICARA collection, and Guilherme Braga da Cruz exhibition commissioner, present a set of pieces that compliment this collective memory of clay and traditional Portuguese ceramics.

  • TASCO consists of the pieces:
  • Set of Dishes, by HalfStudio
  • Jug and plate by Luís Nascimento
  • Hugo Graça Set of Dishes
  • Margarida L. Pereira tray
  • Rui Pereira’s can’s container
  • and Mónica Braga dos Santos’s glasses.

Photography: David Vidal