TASCO – tableware collection

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28th September
Museu de Olaria – Barcelos

TASCO is a privileged place, because it evokes the memory of people, a collective feeling, a homesick Portugal that we would not like to see missing. Made, as we might say, of other comforting times and moments, of an identity that sets us apart, wrapped in greater certainty, and less challenge. And on the other hand, from a story that, as Couturier would tell us, always seems to be fashionable, always seems attractive. Old styles have the advantage of maintaining their extraordinary permanence. And the contours of the past and the present seem to have faded today.

The TASCO exhibition reveals an opportunity to evoke this past, this national identity. Paulo Sellmayer, editor of the VICARA collection, and Guilherme Braga da Cruz exhibition commissioner, present a set of pieces that compliment this collective memory of clay and traditional Portuguese ceramics.

  • TASCO consists of the pieces:
  • Set of Dishes, by HalfStudio
  • Jug and plate by Luís Nascimento
  • Hugo Graça Set of Dishes
  • Margarida L. Pereira tray
  • Rui Pereira’s can’s container
  • and Mónica Braga dos Santos’s glasses.

Photography: David Vidal

Tasco by Vicara

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Fabrica Features, May 30th – Lisbon

You are invited to the opening our new collection Tasco, inside an emblematic store from the heart of Chiado in Lisbon City center, Fabrica Features.

Presented in a tasqueiro exhibition environment, this collection includes pieces from 9 designers who interpret our portuguese gastronimic culture,with the aim to give a meaning we wish to keep alive. Exclusively composed of ceramic pieces, red clay and faience, in this collection we extend the VICARA catalog to lines of plates, glasses and jugs of water / wine, passing through the dish of sardines and olives. All so that can serve the favorite snack at your table.

My plate Base and my carafe Bajouca are part of this collection.

Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de Création 2018

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Carrousel du Louvre – Paris
06.12 – 09.12.2018

From December, 6th to 9th, the CMAC – Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de Création 2018 took place at carrousel du Louvre in Paris, organised by the Chambre de commerce des métiers d’art d’Ile de France. CMAC aims to expose the work of French savoir-faire.
Portugal had the honour to be the guest country. A wide range of different products were presented in order to promote internationally a selection of the best Portuguese handcraft.
Veneer, edited by VICARA, was selected to be exposed at this event.

Handle with Care

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Centre Culturel Portugais – Camões
19.10 – 03.12.2018

Part of the Design city LX Festival 5th edition – Luxembourg

The commissioner Guilherme Braga da Cruz

Warning handle with care ! Glass in all conditions
Thank to the currator Guilherme Braga da Cruz, founder of the Art Gallery Show me based in Braga, Portugal, portuguese artists and designers present their creations made with glass at the Camões Portuguese cultural institution, for our greatest pleasure.

My project Around the Corner was selected to be exhibited.

Ana Rita António
André Teoman
Carlos Mensil
Eneida Tavares
Jorge Carreira
Luis Nascimento
Martinho Pita
Miguel Rios
Samuel Reis
Rita Pereira
Vitor Agostinho



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Old Truman Brewery
20–23rd September 2018

Stand 4, Hall Super Brands London

The commissioner Marco Sousa Santos

CRU / RAW is an exhibition of the new blood of Portuguese product design.
With a selection of various design projects, individual as well as collective, some more rational, other more experimental, we bring together testimonials that demonstrate the diversity of the new generation of Portuguese designers.
In this selection, we identified a maximum common denominator focusing on matter and experimentation of materials with reverence and respect for their nature and structural vocation.
The exhibition reveals a trend of Portuguese design to give primacy to matter over idea, and to structure versus form. The use of materials and the designers exploratory attitude of their nature is in some cases revealing of the beauty of the unfinished work, the raw, the essential element that nature offers to man to create his material world.
In addition to this respect for the subject, these creators assume that design should be a slow-maturing process, infused with old techniques – with digital processes in the background.
This exhibition reflects a return to the essential creative elements in Portuguese product design – its Atlantic condition, exploring materials that are close by, its rich traditional workmanship, and its experienced industry – that are creating innovative products such as these.

My lamp tube, part of the project OFF Portugal was selected to be exhibited.

SHOWCASE participants

Around the tree
João Bruno Design
Off Portugal
Rui Alves
S. Bernardo
Sugo Cork Rugs


Exploratory camp by VICARA

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28th July to 3rd August

The creative field took place during the Museum Festum in Monte Redondo (Leiria), in a wide leafy space. During a week the participants had the opportunity to experiment, design and create objects, spaces and environments for this community and ecological festival.
Participants were involved in designing one of the festival’s areas in an exploratory, challenging and mutually-learning environment. There was opportunity to develop construction, manufacturing and teamwork skills. The program included visits to local production units, presenting the participants with processes of transformation that were useful for the development of the briefing.
The pottery workshops were visited in Bajouca, a village known for its characteristic clay, as well as a cooperative that dedicates itself to the weaving technique of Bracejo, located in the village of Ilha. It is also contemplated the trip to a pine sawmill in Monte Redondo, to know up close the process of transformation of the wood.

Squeeze me – the bridge

The area designated for intervention is marked by a trench that surrounds this whole area. For the safety and comfort, I propose to find a solution that would allow to cross the ditch and mark entrance to this leisure area. I designed a passage, a white volume that marks the contrast between the enclosure and the structure delimiting the path to the recreation area.
Taking advantage of the wood flexibility, users are surprised by a sound experience with a touch of humor when crossing this bridge. Its weight on these boards triggers a mechanism that produces sounds.


OFF Portugal

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OFF Portugal
Our goal is to bring young independent Portuguese designers to the main stages of the design world. The project showcases the country’s most promising talents by initiating collaborations with local industries in order to reinvent traditional manufacturing techniques. The first beyond borders initiative presents experimental glass works in the exhibition Glass Cares at Milan Design Week 2017.

4 – 9 April – Ventura Lambrate
The exhibition Glass Cares showcases ten glass pieces developed during a two day workshop residency in Marinha Grande, a region known for its glass blowing tradition. The event brought together the process, curiosity, and desire to experiment of the young designers with the artistry and established know-how of the local craftsmen. Glass Cares was developed by a network of people interested in the field, representing a new wave of glass design. It is a joint initiative of Arquivo 237, Vicara, and Cencal. Future Off Portugal initiatives will explore a different material with the same principle: the fruitful encounter of young designers with a local industry that could benefit from a fresh approach.

Organization: Off Portugal
Production: Arquivo 237 e VICARA
Designers: Diana Medina, Eneida Tavares, Luis Nascimento, studio ojoaoeamaria, Jorge Carreira, Samuel Reis, Vitor Agostinho, Manuel Amaral Netto, Joana Silva and Paulo Sellmayer.
Glass blowers: Arlindo Francisco, Cláudio Garéu
Identity: Studio ahha
Video: Hugo Figueiredo


Seminar at IPCA

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4th February 2017

Luís Nascimento, a Portuguese designer based in Setúbal, was the guest speaker together with Vitor Agostinho (Mutant Molds) at a seminar on the Master’s Degree in Design and Product Development, which took place on 4th February.
The School of Design (ESD) is the latest teaching and research unit of the IPCA (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave). It is part of the polytechnic public higher education network and is currently headquartered at the IPCA Campus, in Barcelos.


IDPool Vista Alegre

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During 3 months I will be working under the program IDPool.
IDPool is a creative laboratory and production center in the fields of porcelain, crystal and ceramic that intends to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences between creative artists and high qualified professionals.

IDPool is supported by Vista Alegre a company with a long and distinguished history since 1824, and one of the most famous and prestigious brands in the world and aims to support young talent from around the world, offering a unique opportunity to develop projects in the context of Vista Alegre’s charming ceramic factory located in Ílhavo, Portugal, a factory that harbors the competence, dedication and knowledge of handmade porcelain and traditional production processes.

The IDPool’s aim is to be a professional, attractive and stimulating experience and to bring together creative people from all over the world to work in mixed groups, promoting design thinking through the presentation of ideas, debate and discussion.

The main goal is give shape to ideas and define a product development project down to the last detail, considering both the possibilities and limitations of the industrial manufacturing processes.



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7th edition 5 – 9 October 2016

The LXD is the biggest design event in Portugal, divided in 4 different areas: product (home and lifestyle), fashion (clothing, jewelery, shoes and other accessories), interior and graphic design. It stands out as the only platform to promote national design, young designers, educational institutions, emerging brands and startups. Besides the exhibition area, presents a dynamic schedule over the five-day event with workshops, conferences and fashion shows.

DESIGN(IN)DUSTRY is the theme for the LXD 7th edition.
The Lisbon Design Show, in this edition, aims to contribute for the success of the symbiosis – designer / industry through debate, exchange of experiences, creating partnerships and business – A social and economic MEETING-POINT at the service for industry, designers, creative, brands and startups.
For several years persisted a generational and conceptual ‘gap’, between the national industry and designers. However, the paradigm is shifting and partnerships between these two complementary universes are becoming more frequent, strategically more efficient and economically successful.

I was invited as guest speaker to talk about my experience with the portuguese industry among with Pedro Gomes (Pedro Gomes design studio), Jorge Lé Moura (Leitão e Irmão), Hugo Amado (Vista Alegre Atlantis) e Inês Caleiro (Guava)