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Caldas Design Week 0

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Event of creation and display of Design in Caldas da Rainha will take place in various distinct parts of the city from the 24th to 27th of May.

Based on warehouse 1 of the old industrial facility of Secla, where is the exhibition «  Multitude – Do ideal ao possível » integrated into ReSeclar initiative, this event aims to show and create content involving the design during its different manifestations.
Caldas Design Week is an open and participating event involving various actors in the area who take part or benefit in some way from Design. Working as a platform, the Caldas Design Week is conceived to deal with the collaboration of different organizations and actors. They combine their diverse interests and contributions, events, shows, exhibition spaces and demonstration.
Being an identity element of the city, the first edition of Caldas Design Week aims to be the starting point for Caldas da Rainha as the privileged meeting place of Design in Portugal.
This event results from a partnership between SILOS container creative, Vicara and Arquivo 237 with the city of Caldas da Rainha and Esad Caldas da Rainha.

Glass exhibition

Glass projects from 10 different designers were presented during this exhibition. The pieces were designed during a glass-blowing workshop. It took place from January to March 2016 at Cencal in the city of Marinha Grande, thank to the coordination of Joana Silva and the help of Arlindo Francisco, Cláudio Duarte, Nélson Figueiredo, and Pedro Alves. This exhibition was curated by Samuel Reis.

With: Francisco Pessegueiro, Jorge Carreira, Luís Nascimento, Magali Martinho, Vitor Agostinho, Rita Pereira, Eneida Tavares, Madalena Avellar, João Margarida e Constança Bettencourt.

Cruzetas / Cabides exhibition

The starting point is an anonymous object which nomenclature changes in portuguese language between north and south: cruzetas or cabides (hanger). One may have invited various portuguese designers in order to deliver their own interpretation of the hanger. This exhibition has been coordinated by Paulo Sellmayer.

With: Ana Rita Sousa, Ana Vala, Diogo Dias João e Beatriz Bryant, Jorge, Luís Nascimento, Studio O João e a Maria, João Timóteo, Samuel Reis, Rita Martins, Mafalda Matos, Jorge Carreira, Eneida Tavares, Ana Rita António, Fábio Mendes, Margarida Pereira, Hugo Serra