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  • 15 December, 2017

Old Truman Brewery
20–23rd September 2018

Stand 4, Hall Super Brands London

The commissioner Marco Sousa Santos

CRU / RAW is an exhibition of the new blood of Portuguese product design.
With a selection of various design projects, individual as well as collective, some more rational, other more experimental, we bring together testimonials that demonstrate the diversity of the new generation of Portuguese designers.
In this selection, we identified a maximum common denominator focusing on matter and experimentation of materials with reverence and respect for their nature and structural vocation.
The exhibition reveals a trend of Portuguese design to give primacy to matter over idea, and to structure versus form. The use of materials and the designers exploratory attitude of their nature is in some cases revealing of the beauty of the unfinished work, the raw, the essential element that nature offers to man to create his material world.
In addition to this respect for the subject, these creators assume that design should be a slow-maturing process, infused with old techniques – with digital processes in the background.
This exhibition reflects a return to the essential creative elements in Portuguese product design – its Atlantic condition, exploring materials that are close by, its rich traditional workmanship, and its experienced industry – that are creating innovative products such as these.

My lamp tube, part of the project OFF Portugal was selected to be exhibited.

SHOWCASE participants

Around the tree
João Bruno Design
Off Portugal
Rui Alves
S. Bernardo
Sugo Cork Rugs