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Exploratory camp by VICARA

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28th July to 3rd August

The creative field took place during the Museum Festum in Monte Redondo (Leiria), in a wide leafy space. During a week the participants had the opportunity to experiment, design and create objects, spaces and environments for this community and ecological festival.
Participants were involved in designing one of the festival’s areas in an exploratory, challenging and mutually-learning environment. There was opportunity to develop construction, manufacturing and teamwork skills. The program included visits to local production units, presenting the participants with processes of transformation that were useful for the development of the briefing.
The pottery workshops were visited in Bajouca, a village known for its characteristic clay, as well as a cooperative that dedicates itself to the weaving technique of Bracejo, located in the village of Ilha. It is also contemplated the trip to a pine sawmill in Monte Redondo, to know up close the process of transformation of the wood.

Squeeze me – the bridge

The area designated for intervention is marked by a trench that surrounds this whole area. For the safety and comfort, I propose to find a solution that would allow to cross the ditch and mark entrance to this leisure area. I designed a passage, a white volume that marks the contrast between the enclosure and the structure delimiting the path to the recreation area.
Taking advantage of the wood flexibility, users are surprised by a sound experience with a touch of humor when crossing this bridge. Its weight on these boards triggers a mechanism that produces sounds.