Handle with Care

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  • 23 October, 2018

Centre Culturel Portugais – Camões
19.10 – 03.12.2018

Part of the Design city LX Festival 5th edition – Luxembourg

The commissioner Guilherme Braga da Cruz

Warning handle with care ! Glass in all conditions
Thank to the currator Guilherme Braga da Cruz, founder of the Art Gallery Show me based in Braga, Portugal, portuguese artists and designers present their creations made with glass at the Camões Portuguese cultural institution, for our greatest pleasure.

My project Around the Corner was selected to be exhibited.

Ana Rita António
André Teoman
Carlos Mensil
Eneida Tavares
Jorge Carreira
Luis Nascimento
Martinho Pita
Miguel Rios
Samuel Reis
Rita Pereira
Vitor Agostinho