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ExperimentaDesign 09

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Aside to the Experimentadesign Biennal, Timeless was a special event setting up at the Museu do Oriente in Lisbon, Portugal from September,9th to November, 8 2009. More than an exhibition, this event has been created by Frederico Duarte + Pedrita. Timeless focuses on a theme that is of paramount importance in today’s society, as well in our future as inhabitants of planet earth. Timeless dwells on raising the level of production explores the use of less resources. It invokes not only the analysis of the consumption of raw materials in productive processes, but also the reconsideration of the final product in terms of efficiency and performance.

Designers have the comptetence, the ability to rethink the way in which we are, presently, producing artefacts – wether tangible or intagible – intended for our needs, simultaneously proposing new methods, new solutions and new formats, therefore making our daily life easier and lowring the consumption of resources.

Cartão desCrédito is a project made by The Office (Luis Nascimento + David Rodrigues), that includes one website and equipment developed in cardboard aiming to propose a new way to rethink consumer society and design challenges.