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…Não apenas lugares de felicidade

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…não apenas lugares de felicidade
Lisbon, 30th September, 2016.

…não apenas lugares de felicidade is the title of the IX edition of the project Remade in Portugal.
The project, coordinated by the Portuguese Environment Agency and the organization Remade in Portugal, has the EDP Foundation as a partner and host from the second edition in 2008.
Together with EDP Foundation, the Remade found a deeper look, where environmental issues have become a pretext to ponder the human condition in the contemporary context, giving rise to a broad debate associating design and the visual arts to the arts visual, music, literature, communication design, fashion, film and architecture.
Designed in principle as a challenge to ecological design and the visual arts to reflect on the environment the Remade project and the EDP Foundation are a contact point in the dialogue between design and art, through parts of the Art Collection EDP Foundation and its artists .
… não apenas lugares de felicidade joins in this issue four curators in four episodes, mixing and building a story that does not want to give answers but raise the necessary questions that allow perceive whether there is or not a connection between the objects and spaces that they occupy, and if the spaces are or not, origin of happiness.

Enquanto existir o mundo
Curatorship by José Bártolo

Enquanto a terra durar, as sementeiras e as ceifas, o frio e o calor, o verão e o inverno, o dia e a noite não deixarão de se seguir.
Henri Troyat, Enquanto existir o mundo

Enquanto existir o mundo is an exhibition module consists of contemporary Portuguese design pieces that are shared between range of affinities, concept and procedural exploitation. It presents artist or limited series resulting from experimentation and contemporary reinterpretation of traditional processes which questions the limits of authorship and industrial production. The focus is the “hand scale” (small objects, manageable) objects shaped by materials exploration: glass, ceramics, metal: air and fire always present.
The border between product design and contemporary art is transgressed by these suggestive objects, narrative, which assume use of functions in the same way that enunciate semantic values.

invited designers
Atelier do Corvo, Paulo Sellmayer, Jorge Carreira, Vítor Reis, Eneida Tavares, Toni Grilo, Martinho Pita, Margarida Pereira, Luís Nascimento, Susana Soares, Vítor Agostinho, Samuel Reis e Vhils.





Handle with care

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“HANDLE WITH CARE” – glass projects by young portuguese designers
Braga, 8th July, 2016.

On the latest July, 8th, the ShowMe design and art Gallery opened the exhibition HANDLE WITH CARE. It is a collective exhibition that gathers glass works of young Portuguese designers. There are 13 different approaches to this fantastic and versatile material which is glass, showing some of the experimentation being made in the national context. My project AROUND THE CORNER was presented at this occasion. The goal of this project was to explore the distortion of glass thank to the pressure against a corner put in a specific position. It will be exhibited until the 17th September.

HANDLE WITH CARE presents works from: André Teoman, Constança Bettencourt, Eneida Tavares, Francisco Pessegueiro, João Margarido, Jorge Carreira, Luis Nascimento, Magali Marinho, Martinho Pita, Paulo Sellmayer, Rita Pereira, Samuel Reis, Vitor Agostinho.






Caldas Design Week 0

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Event of creation and display of Design in Caldas da Rainha will take place in various distinct parts of the city from the 24th to 27th of May.

Based on warehouse 1 of the old industrial facility of Secla, where is the exhibition «  Multitude – Do ideal ao possível » integrated into ReSeclar initiative, this event aims to show and create content involving the design during its different manifestations.
Caldas Design Week is an open and participating event involving various actors in the area who take part or benefit in some way from Design. Working as a platform, the Caldas Design Week is conceived to deal with the collaboration of different organizations and actors. They combine their diverse interests and contributions, events, shows, exhibition spaces and demonstration.
Being an identity element of the city, the first edition of Caldas Design Week aims to be the starting point for Caldas da Rainha as the privileged meeting place of Design in Portugal.
This event results from a partnership between SILOS container creative, Vicara and Arquivo 237 with the city of Caldas da Rainha and Esad Caldas da Rainha.

Glass exhibition

Glass projects from 10 different designers were presented during this exhibition. The pieces were designed during a glass-blowing workshop. It took place from January to March 2016 at Cencal in the city of Marinha Grande, thank to the coordination of Joana Silva and the help of Arlindo Francisco, Cláudio Duarte, Nélson Figueiredo, and Pedro Alves. This exhibition was curated by Samuel Reis.

With: Francisco Pessegueiro, Jorge Carreira, Luís Nascimento, Magali Martinho, Vitor Agostinho, Rita Pereira, Eneida Tavares, Madalena Avellar, João Margarida e Constança Bettencourt.

Cruzetas / Cabides exhibition

The starting point is an anonymous object which nomenclature changes in portuguese language between north and south: cruzetas or cabides (hanger). One may have invited various portuguese designers in order to deliver their own interpretation of the hanger. This exhibition has been coordinated by Paulo Sellmayer.

With: Ana Rita Sousa, Ana Vala, Diogo Dias João e Beatriz Bryant, Jorge, Luís Nascimento, Studio O João e a Maria, João Timóteo, Samuel Reis, Rita Martins, Mafalda Matos, Jorge Carreira, Eneida Tavares, Ana Rita António, Fábio Mendes, Margarida Pereira, Hugo Serra



Design to Connect

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Design to connect was a two hours workshop dedicated to the master degree in communication. I conducted this session as a guest teacher by Fernando Oliveira. It took place at IADE, Lisbon in May 2016. My approach was to put different groups of graphic design students in contact with various kind of material as sugarcane, fabrics, threads, wool and jute. Their goal was to deal with a connection challenge and to create an original typography without glue or screws. The result was a multi dimensional and material approach among each groups who proposed their own composition of a letter to build a word.





Objects after objects

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Apr 02, 2016

New Practices in Design
Curatorship by José Bártolo

Emergent examples in design made in Portugal.

Novas Práticas do Design [New Practices in Design] stems from a set of radical questions, framed within a critical, contemporary reflection on the social effectiveness of design, as put forth by the Milan Triennial commissioner’s office. Who designs? For whom is it designed? How is it designed? Why is it designed?

Assuming that such questions, once renewed, raise renewed answers, this exhibition module, curated by José Bártolo, brings together 13 projects deemed to represent emerging project forms that are part of Portuguese design, through which topics such as authorship, production, participation, and political economics of design, can be thought out.

Within the selected objects, we find a diversity of types and materials, as well as technical, formal and functional solutions, that have been looked at. Chair, table, lighting fixture, sideboard, but also objects with a hybrid decorative or performing function.

By displaying recent projects by designers such as Martinho Pitta, João Abreu Valente, Fernando Brízio or Susana Soares, this exhibition offers an approach to the way young designers have been rethinking traditional production sectors in Portugal – such as glass, ceramics or furniture – valuing experimentation, aesthetic innovation, and social responsibility.

As part of the Portuguese participation at the XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016, the New Practices in Design exhibition module will be presented at Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum.

invited designers
André Teoman, Fernando Brízio, Galula, Joana Santos Barbosa, Jorge Carreira, Luís Nascimento, Manuel Amaral Netto, Marco Sousa Santos, Martinho Pita, Raul Cunca, Samuel Reis, Susana Soares, Toni Grilo, Vitor Agostinho

objects after objects

Design and design award 2015

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Design and design award is an initiative from Marc Praquin. Everyday the homepage of is dedicated to two projects, one in graphic design and the other in product or packaging design. More than a virtual application, this is also a book published yearly with all the awarded project.

“I realised that it is much easier for us designers to create things than to make a name for ourselves. So I decided to offer our community a simple yet powerful tool, completely free of charge, to free us from the monopoly of mainstream media and, at long last, let us speak for ourselves. This is how the Design and Design project got started. Already a reference in more than 160 countries, this tool is now being extended to a non-virtual application: every year, all awarded projects are published in The Design and Design Book of the Year.”
Marc Praquin, Designer

I was reward in 2015 for the best product design with “Veneer”, a wall hanger in December, 12th.


Desire Tension Transition

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DESIRE TENSION TRANSITION . Portuguese paths of design

Matosinhos – Galeria Nave da Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos
12 NOVEMBER 2015 — 12 MARCH 2016

This exhibition puts forward an unusual perspective of Portuguese design and of contemporary production across various areas (from product to editorial design and from multimedia to furniture design), and of the relationship between contemporaneity and history. It reflects on Portuguese design as an ample and diverse territory, assuming a particular layout spread across 16 autonomous and heteronymous modules, each with their own curating.

A Game with a Function:
Emerges from a definition of design supplied by Sebastião Rodrigues, to bring together around 20 contemporary production projects;
Geometry of Colours:
Stemming from the archive of the Sacavém Ceramics Factory;
Politics of the Spirit:
Focussing on the connection between design and politics during the Estado Novo (dictatorship) period, between 1933 and 1950;
Objects that respond to this function, privileging contemporary production, but establishing a dialogue with history;
Selection of drawings of environments and pieces of furniture developed for the production of the Olaio Factory;
Porto School:
Array of design objects created by architects from various generations, all educated at the Architecture Faculty of the Porto University;
A.S. – Designing Modernism:
Set of archival materials – unpublished studies by António Soares, a seminal figure of Portuguese illustration and design from the first half of the 20th Century;
Mass production, artisanal, industrial:
the evolution of mass-produced Portuguese ceramics throughout the 20th Century;
Vista Alegre:
A presentation of 40 VA pieces of contemporary production;
Limited Edition:
Questioning the disciplinary boundaries of design by bringing together unique and limited series pieces;
40 posters created for cultural clients;
Explores the relationship between image and sound, through an exploration of independent contemporary publishing;
Best Portuguese Book Design:
A selection of books published between 2010 and 2013 within the scope of the BPBD competition, documenting, promoting and appreciating books conceived, designed and produced in Portugal;
Wide® – Symbols & logos Portugal:
The creation of brands in Portugal during the last 10 years, through a presentation of logos – considered the essence of brand representation;
The contemporary panorama of type face design in Portugal;
Joy is the most serious thing in life:
The history of humoristic drawing since the end of the 19th Century to today.


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desire 5

desire 6

desire 7

LEVE at São Paulo

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Integrated in the official programme of the Portuguese Design Year, Portuguese design works will be presented in one of the world’s most important cities, São Paulo.
The exhibition took place in August, between the 12th and the 16th of 2015. Institutional partnerships with the São Paulo Design Weekend allowed for the integration of this presentation of Portuguese design within the programme of the event, which will result in enhanced visibility for national design.
São Paulo, a strong platform within the emergent Brazilian marketplace, hosts an exhibition of equipment design. The invited curators for these exhibitions are the gallerists Guilherme Braga da Cruz and Diana Sequeira.
Relations with Brazil are of extreme importance to Portugal, as this is a strategic country concerning our international network. São Paulo Design Weekend constitutes a very relevant event within the Latin-American design scenario. Showcasing Portuguese design in this market was a decision aimed at communicating our competences and our innovative ways at an international level. The curatorship this presentation will focus on the ability of those who have contributed the most for the affirmation of national design and its identity: Portuguese designers. — Guta Moura Guedes, Portuguese Design Year Commissary


leve 2

leve 3

Here, there, everywhere.

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Here, There, Everywhere is a book which was release May, 1st 2014. It features the work of Droog Lab over the past 4 years. With partners, consultants and designers, Droog Lab has explored many different locations worldwide in order to see how people live their lives there. Associated to the team, I had the opportunity to work on Droog al Arab, which is presented into that book.

topic: collaborative creation  I  location: Dubai

Many know Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers, the biggest malls, luxury cars, indoor skiing and fake coastlines. Driven by an ambition to be the best in the world, Dubai’s unprecedented growth has reached a ceiling. Promoting a life of excess in today’s financially and ecologically sensitive climate, can certainly make one unpopular. Inspired by Dubai’s level of ambition and ability to build new worlds, the Lab will explore a new model for future development, one characterized by social intelligence and collaborative creation.

An online hub for collaborative content creation and development has been envisioned by Jurgen Bey and Saskia van Drimmelen. On this platform, the leading designers can invite emerging designers, makers and other collaborators to contribute ideas and skills. The platform features a time bank—a place where time contributions are collected and traded, and a library—a place for supportive material that anyone can add to.
Proposals enter a catalogue that can be viewed by potential developers for realization. The platform brings together design, production and consumption, and can pop up anywhere in the world as an alternative pop up mall. Inspired by a closely knit family business model with new notions of hierarchy, this platform is about community thinking and its vast potential.

“A metaphor for Dubai’s future” – Mark Blaisse, Pilgrims

Director: Renny Ramakers, Droog
Local partner: Rami Farook, traffic
Leading designers: Jurgen Bey, Saskia van Drimmelen
Design team: Daphnée Lanternier, Emmeline de Mooij, Nadine Sterk
Local designers: Ahmad Angawi, Omran Al Owais
Consultants: Mark Blaisse, Stephan Propper, Peter Clercx
Lab: Agata Jaworska, content & project manager
Lab interns: Luís Nascimento, Daniela Dossi, Tom Merrell, Katrin Murbach, Libby Scarlett, Femke de Vries



Conversas XXXIV

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Conversas is a series of weekly informal meetings made so that we can get to know and discuss projects and interests.
During the event three Conversadores (those who talk at Conversas) bring something to share with the gathered group, for thirty minutes each. As the title suggests itself, Conversas (Conversations in Portuguese) aim at an equal set up from which both the Conversadores and the group should be able to profit. Events are open to all and the entrance is free.

I was a guest speaker for the XXXIV edition in Lisbon, Portugal the 23rd of January 2013 and I decided to talk about the relevance of the designer in a company. A large part of the portuguese industry has a fragil business model, without the creation of corporate products, where Design has no place. The role of the designer should become more and more preponderant, even at strategic levels, where added value creation becomes fundamental for the success of our industry.