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Design à mão

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Design à mão is an online platform developed by Rita Botelho that works as a meeting point between Portuguese craftsmen and designers all over the world who want to work together. The main goals of this platform are to make the contact between craftsmen and designers easier, to join different generations and motivate the creation of opportunities to exchange different techniques and work approaches in innovative projects that revitalise Portuguese crafts.

Design à mão had a first exhibition developedand supported by the design gallery Show me, based in Braga, Portugal. The goal was to launch the online platform and  to initiate an object collection. I had the opportunity to present there “Bastidor”, a wall clock whose tools to make it are from the cross stitch.



Design Management Europe award

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The Design Management Europe award took place at Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia the 23rd of september 2011, aiming to highlight the value of design management within a business. The DME Award recognizes those enterprises that have mastered the ability to put design at the service of their business strategies. The DME Award evaluation is based on four criteria, which were agreed upon by a group of experts in 2008: leadership in design innovation; driving change through design; excellence in design co-ordination and strategic performance. After a competition between 500 companies from European Union, Piodão get an honorable mention for the use of Design to reach a new market position.

Being the company’s head of Design at that time, It was a big reward for putting design ahead in the company’s business strategy.



Sardinha ao Sal

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The “Sardinha ao Sal” presentation took place at TemaHome gallery in Lisbon the 29th of May 2010. The project is a limited edition of 100 pieces exclusive for the gallery. It celebrates the arrival of the Sardines season and pays hommage to the recovered mould of a common sardine from the Bordallo Pinheiro Ceramics.