OFF Portugal

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  • 3 April, 2017

OFF Portugal
Our goal is to bring young independent Portuguese designers to the main stages of the design world. The project showcases the country’s most promising talents by initiating collaborations with local industries in order to reinvent traditional manufacturing techniques. The first beyond borders initiative presents experimental glass works in the exhibition Glass Cares at Milan Design Week 2017.

4 – 9 April – Ventura Lambrate
The exhibition Glass Cares showcases ten glass pieces developed during a two day workshop residency in Marinha Grande, a region known for its glass blowing tradition. The event brought together the process, curiosity, and desire to experiment of the young designers with the artistry and established know-how of the local craftsmen. Glass Cares was developed by a network of people interested in the field, representing a new wave of glass design. It is a joint initiative of Arquivo 237, Vicara, and Cencal. Future Off Portugal initiatives will explore a different material with the same principle: the fruitful encounter of young designers with a local industry that could benefit from a fresh approach.

Organization: Off Portugal
Production: Arquivo 237 e VICARA
Designers: Diana Medina, Eneida Tavares, Luis Nascimento, studio ojoaoeamaria, Jorge Carreira, Samuel Reis, Vitor Agostinho, Manuel Amaral Netto, Joana Silva and Paulo Sellmayer.
Glass blowers: Arlindo Francisco, Cláudio Garéu
Identity: Studio ahha
Video: Hugo Figueiredo