IDPool Vista Alegre

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  • 6 January, 2017

During 3 months I will be working under the program IDPool.
IDPool is a creative laboratory and production center in the fields of porcelain, crystal and ceramic that intends to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences between creative artists and high qualified professionals.

IDPool is supported by Vista Alegre a company with a long and distinguished history since 1824, and one of the most famous and prestigious brands in the world and aims to support young talent from around the world, offering a unique opportunity to develop projects in the context of Vista Alegre’s charming ceramic factory located in Ílhavo, Portugal, a factory that harbors the competence, dedication and knowledge of handmade porcelain and traditional production processes.

The IDPool’s aim is to be a professional, attractive and stimulating experience and to bring together creative people from all over the world to work in mixed groups, promoting design thinking through the presentation of ideas, debate and discussion.

The main goal is give shape to ideas and define a product development project down to the last detail, considering both the possibilities and limitations of the industrial manufacturing processes.